Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Knowing my why!

Recently somebody asked me why I teach yoga. That why question keeps coming up for me. Perhaps, it's because I just finished reading Simon Sinek's book, Start With Why. Maybe, the question is just in my head now, and I am suddenly aware of it's tantalizing pull. What is my why behind yoga?  I could go into long pontifications about this curious question. Instead, I shall follow the advice of a beloved mentor and keep it simple. For me, yoga incorporates many of the things that have interested me since early on. Beauty, philosophical inquiry, alternative health, spiritual longing, fitness and let me me not forget creativity nor the essence of play. Yoga takes all these and rolls them together into a practice of mind, body and spirit. This practice both challenges and invigorates, all the while fueling an inner curiosity to see what more shall be offered.  For me this is like the journey of life. Yes, yoga is the metaphor for this earthly existence  that meets me for who I am and who I might become. Namaste!

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