Thursday, June 5, 2014

Go Travel!

According to the Tao Te Ching, one may see the world without ever stepping from one's doorstep.

Beautiful sentiment!

I agree in principle but...(What would life be without the questioning afterthoughts?)

Travel has been an important aspect in my life!

I left the sleepy river valleys of upstate New York where I had spent my youth only to momentarily return there for brief intervals at a time.  Along the way, I sojourned over North America and beyond, lived in interesting places and became acquainted with the greater world. But, it was more than just a tourist appreciation I sought.

Travel transported me both literally and mentally out of habitual surroundings and placed life into new perspectives. Often familiar places I thought I knew were transformed upon returning and sites never imagined or sought after were discovered.  More often than not, the road and the destinations were secondary to the discoveries of my own internal landscapes.  Repeatedly, I came to realize that the personalized  identities clung to as life's definitions were often phantasmal and rarely as important as believed. I saw how others lived  and was challenged to look at my own lifestyles.  The physical perspectives from other longitudes and latitudes granted a better view of my own metaphorical location offering the chance for various views on my next planned steps in life.  Always, the travel vistas have altered my life's goals revealing far more interesting bends and curves than the straight line of thought.  My life has been so interesting on account of these voyages, and I can't really imagine a life without such movement.

I suppose everything has its trade off.  There are certain things that a life of travel might not offer.  But, regret is a silly thing. Who has time for that?

This summer step off your doorstep and see the world.  Let this transform how you see things.  Even if you can't go far go somewhere and see what happens.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thirty Days of Sun! The Challenge!

Suryar Namaskar!

Starting on the morning of the 7th, Darcy and I will depart Alaska for an epic cross country road trip. The destination is Long Beach, New York where on July 6th we will celebrate our marriage with family and friends. It will be a trip filled with adventure. The one constant will be the ancient practice of the sun salutation. For thirty days, we will practice at least twelve variations of this rite.

I would love for all of you to join me in this practice. Imagine people from all over the North America and beyond practicing sun salutations together. How cool is that? 

If you would like to participate join my Facebook Event Thirty Days of Sun and share your experiences, pics whatever as you discover your Sun Salutation practice.