Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sitting When Things Get Busy

Has any one else had a busy few weeks?

I have, regular yoga and spin classes, filling in to sub as well as taking on some extra projects, all interesting but the days start to get filled. Granted I work in a really uplifting profession for my livelihood but even this can be intense and exhausting if too much ends up on my mat or on the spin cycle.

I know in those moments that it's time to sit!  That's right, not more doing, but more sitting just to sit and be still, read something uplifting and light, write free form in my journal or just breathe with my dog at my feet.  When I sit, I allow myself to exhale in a whole state of being sort of way.

Strangely enough when I grant myself these moments, I receive what is needed to move forward. Sure things may still seem stressful and the day can be filled with obstacles but when I touch that quiet moment there is an inner possibility beyond the immediate occurrences.  This creates a ground from which to move onward.   From this, things evolve, tasks get completed, the necessary finds its completion and the fringe falls away.