Sunday, August 10, 2014

Setting the Foundations for a Home Practice

Before moving into something, it is helpful to investigate what creates a solid foundation for success.  Starting a home yoga practice is no different.   There is a lot out there about poses and sequence.  But, what about the preparation that leads to a consistent and sustainable practice?   Consider this the prologue or maybe even the prequel to the story that you want to see unfold.

#1 Set an intention and return to it everyday.  This helps manifest what we want in our lives.  Create a one line phrase, say to yourself, make it a mantra maybe write it down every day.  As you daily return to the desire for a home practice through your intention doors will start to open.  Soon enough, opportunities will present themselves to begin a sustainable practice. Try and see what happens.

#2 Find a studio that offers a regular wide range of classes and establish a regular routine of going to practice with others.  This introduces us to poses, practices and ideas as well as gives us ideas, community and a further resource.  Practicing alone needs inspiration from others and finding a yoga home will further the quest for a home practice.

#3 Start a gratitude list. Even though this doesn't seem to be part of  physical yoga practice think again.  Take a few moments in the morning or through out the day to list the things you are grateful for especially those connected to yoga.  The list will grow adding positive momentum to move forward.

#4 Create a space by finding a place in your home that will be the practice point.  This probably  involves cleaning up a bit and moving things around to have a place dedicated to your yoga.  Try purchasing some items to make  the space even more welcoming.  Treat yourself by getting a nice yoga mat and some props such as a block, strap and/or bolster then  create ambiance with some  tea candles an essential oils. Make it a special environment where you want to return to again and again.

Now, you are ready to begin. More questions on the how?  Don't worry more to come...