Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Salutations Lesson #1

It is well past the  mid point of the Thirty Days of Sun, the commitment to practice the ancient rite of sun salutations everyday. This has been very rewarding to say the least. I created this FB event to encourage others to join with me over the period surrounding the solstice in an attempt to further personal home practices. For me, it has been an on the road experience since the day I started also marked the embarkation day for a six week road trip from Anchorage AK to Long Beach NY and back. Needless to say, I have practiced in all sorts of places. Yoga studios, hotel rooms, garages, random slabs of concrete and before majestic views along side of the road have been just a few of the places where I have bowed to the sky discovering the ever rewarding lessons of sun salutations.

The first lesson is one of will. I realize I can do such a daily routine with my own inner drive.  There is nobody to keep me from just forgetting about it or deciding that I don't feel like it this or that day. Actually there is a side that always wants to be lazy and forget the practice. Maybe this is why my teachers say that making it to class is hardest step of a regular yoga practice. But through the act of agreeing with the commitment and then following it onto the mat ignites the yoga flame. My inner drive accepts this and rises up, taking over and leading me through one salutation after another. As I keep up with the practice, the drive becomes more powerful and takes me further each time. This drive becomes the teacher and makes me realize that I can follow something through to the end on the mat such as in salutations and in the world through other acts. 

May you too discover this wonderful inner drive and may it reward you off the mat.