Monday, July 28, 2014

Salutation Lesson #3

Many lessons come from my experiment of doing thirty consistent days of sun salutations.  Previously, I listed two others and for this entree's purpose have one more to describe.  This last one is truly the most important because it continues to resonate far after the thirty days ended.   Here it is...

Anybody can have a home yoga practice.

The daily returning to the same routine over the course of a period of time creates a consistent personalized practice.  As with any action performed over a span of days, it starts to become an internalized habit that continues long after the initial need or mandate.  Once there, it becomes part of one's daily experience, and a home yoga practice has been established.  It may sound rather simplistic but after all as the maxim goes, "Life is complicated; yoga is simple."

Try it on your own.  Find a version of the sun salutations (the simpler the form the better), practice for thirty days and see what happens.

If you are curious about the practice of sun salutations and the larger question of a home practice you might like my upcoming workshop on 1pm this Sunday (8/3) at Anchorage Yoga.  I will go over how one might start to discover a personal yoga routine and move forward with it.  Follow this link to find out more about this opportunity.