Monday, July 13, 2015

Favorite Morning Affirmtaion

I have tried all sorts of affirmations and mantras in my time.  Friends, inspirational books and teachers have given all sorts of suggestions, some complicated and others interesting.  But,  the one I prefer and use is simple and open ended.

Almost every morning, I open my journal and write down the sweetest words.  They are so simple.

Ok-are you ready?  Here it is.

Everything I need now is here!  

That's it, the magic formula to success and living a blissful day, at least for me.  I do what I can through my day following my truth and then trust that the process will take care of me, leading me where I need to go.

Just try it or make up your own version then live into the day knowing you are on a journey with a universe whirling in and around you that completely supports your story.  Maybe, you don't believe that right now but see what happens and perhaps you will start to see that you indeed are taken care of everyday.  It doesn't mean that you won't doubt or have bad times, just that there is a purpose to your life and that it is to be the most radiant being you are.