Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Yoga Bio

I attended my first yoga class ten years ago while living on the coast of Maine at the request of a friend. At the time, I practiced numerous intense physical activities such as sport fencing, running, and endurance hiking; yoga didn’t seem to fit into my scene. Yoga went on to challenge all my unwarranted presuppositions and to turn my understanding of physical practice on its head. That began my journey into the profound depths of yoga. Since then, I have studied at a variety of places with a number of teachers ultimately going on to complete a 200hr teacher training. I call my personal style of yoga “Contemporary Vinyasa” which blends a flowing set of traditional poses with new variations, intentional transitions and active core strength. This is set to inspiring music and combined with levity and mind/body philosophy. Questions? Comments? Come to one of my classes and discover more. Namaste!