Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Sitting

Recently, one of my teachers asked me rather casually if I had a sitting practice?

Oh no! Please don't ask that!

This is one of those questions that have an acid like quality.  It burns through any superficial idea of yoga because it forces the person being asked to reflect about the inward side of practice.  It is easy to engage in the physical side of yoga by going to classes and performing the external actions.  Well, maybe not easy with all the acts of will and sweat involved.  But, it is less of a challenge than the inner journey which involves the practice of sitting.

Fortunately, I could answer yes to his question.  I do practice sitting and have done so for a while. Several years ago, I discovered the importance for my mental and spiritual well being to engage in some kind of meditation.  I chose the simple art of sitting, no mantras, visualizations or special prayers and techniques, just sitting upright, breathing and being right there.  Upon rising and before embarking on the day's demands, I sit on a pillow or a yoga block in an easy pose, set my timer, close my eyes and breathe.  Then, the adventure begins.  I get to be right there and breath through any run of the mind or distraction in the room.  When I started this practice, yoga took off in my life in a way beyond my imagination and it continues to do so.

The point of this lies outside any self promotion and personal  patting on the back.  Yes, I practice a form of sitting.  My hope is that whoever reads this may delve into the world of sitting and find his/her own way.  Just try it and see what happens.  Sit and be right there wherever that is both on the inside and the outside.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Teaching at Lululemon

This week I am the guest teacher at the Anchorage Lululemon Showroom.  During this month, the Showroom is offering free yoga and nutritional  classes every Thursday.  I am pleased and honored to be the guest teacher this Thursday 11/21 for a free one hour vinyasa class that will focus on detoxifying your body. Contact or stop by the Anchorage Lululemon Showroom to sign up for this opportunity.