Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Personal Guru

The more I hear, read and see the high gloss adverts for self-proclaimed guides, coaches and gurus, the more it becomes clear that we don't really need this sort of character in our lives.

We all have what it takes to guide our own lives deep down inside.  This inner voice, the whisper leading us to bliss, this is our own personal guru!  Doesn't that sound fantastic! It's true.  

 Perhaps,  one needed a teacher to receive direct transmission from on every level of one's life but something tells me that we have collectively moved on to another stage or maybe it's the way of the American spiritual journey. It seems to me that being on a path of self searching and seeking such as yoga, one might be tempted to take on another's way in all aspects of life.

But, I believe in America it's a little different because here it's joined with ideas of individual interpretation and personal experience. We all have that earnest desire for the union with Self, but if we surrender our personal way to another's then we lose out.  But when we take on the self reliance philosophy of America, the result, a quest for the Self within, the same as the Self anywhere else. Ohm