Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekly Yoga and Spin Schedule

Lots of yoga this week.  I am filling in for some really awesome classes.  Thanks to Leah L. and Megan P. for asking me to stand in for them.  Check out Radiant I at 6am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  It is an awesome way to start the day with a pretty amazing group of people. Then, on the down side, maybe, I will see you in Deep Stretch either on Monday or Thursday evening at 7pm.  Come and put your ohm on. Namaste everybody!

Monday 8/18
7:30am Radiant I Anchorage Yoga
9:30am Spin Buckner JBER
5:15pm Yoga Basics Anchorage Yoga
Tuesday 8/21
6:00am Radiant I Anchorage Yoga
Wednesday 8/20
9:30am Vinyasa Elmendorf JBER
12pm Ying/Yang Open Space (Just through August, only two more left)
8:15pm Hot Flow Anchorage Yoga
Thursday 8/21
6:00am Radiant I Anchorage Yoga
2:00pm Hot Flow Anchorage Yoga
7:00pm Deep Stretch Anchorage Yoga
Friday 8/22
6:00am Hot Flow Anchorage Yoga
9:30am Spin Buckner JBER 
5:30pm Friday Flow Anchorage Yoga
Saturday 8/23
1:15pm Radiant I Anchorge Yoga

FYI 8/25 6:30am Spin starts at Alaska Fitness  every Monday and Wednesday