Thursday, May 11, 2017

Getting into your Shape

Getting into shape!!!

What shape are you trying to get into?  Who is telling you the shape you should be?

I can't help but think abut these expression and the questions flying around.  They are always on my mind.  And why wouldn't they be when you think about what I do for a living?

Currently, I teach yoga, instruct  high powered indoor cycling class and have some private clients in a more personal training setting.  Many of my clients and students wrestle with issues of weight, body image and the whole world of insecurities and thoughts of physical worthiness that often surround such work.  Ok, let's be honest I too struggle with the same things, especially as a middle aged man who doesn't have the body type that we see in most images for health.

Who wouldn't struggle with such things?

It can be so discouraging to look at social media, advertisements and literature that promotes healthy lifestyle because the people often used to market health have a certain way to them.  You know what I mean, young, super slender, the latest fitness fashions and most of all genetically predisposed to be a certain way.

Now before you think I am a hater just read on.

There is nothing wrong with being thin, being genetically predisposed to have a certain look, taking care of yourself and wanting to articulate a certain style of physique in one's body.  Trust me, I work quite hard at taking care of myself, practice in ways to further my own body type and have lots of hip fitness leisure wear.  We all want to feel good about our bodies and celebrate these mysterious temples that bear us through the world.  But... have we lost something in the process of attempting to fulfill this desire for getting into shape?

I would say...Yes!

We have obscured the radiant and fantastic message of diversity.  Each person, every fantastic being has his/her own body shape with unique attributes that make help define each person as who they are. You, the people around you, the mass of society we see here and there, each individual has a way, a physical path to walk and a body designed for what they need to do in life.

Maybe this is too cosmic for you to think about but it's time to step past the limited idea of what a healthy person looks like and ponder such things.  Pause! Take a moment with me, look up from your device and notice the people around you.  As I sit in the coffee shop where I am hacking this out, I observe so many shapes, gestures and body types, a variety of people doing their lives and fulfilling destinies.  Wow!!! Sure, some of these people may be less refined in their personal care but they have their way.

What does this tell me?

It's not about Getting into Shape but instead the fitness (another word we should talk about) journey is about Finding your Shape and awakening to the person who you were meant to be.

Remember, you are beautiful, the body you have is an incredible work of art so stop trying to shape it into something it may or may not be.  Instead just be who you are, take time to discover your body and the shape that is meant to be you.


  1. I miss your gentle voice and uplifting yoga style since moving to WA state. Please please please consider an APP so I can download you fornhome practice! Nameste

    1. Hey Sarah! I do ponder such things as part of a podcast idea. Glad to know one person might listen. Haha.
      Hope you well.