Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pre-Ride Stillness

What does that mean?  Maybe you have been doing too much yoga?  Loud music in the cycle room effecting thought patterns?

Yeah I know it's just a piece on being an indoor cycling instructor which probably in itself isn't the most profound of things.  But, hey, why not take things that seem silly and fun then use them to express the most profound of depths?

For real! A Stillness precedes every indoor cycling ride, and I suggest that same pause rests before any intentional undertaking.  Ask any professional instructor or really any successful person and they will know or at least have an idea about what I am streaming about.  This moment of brevity that exists before one engages in the task ahead has an opportunity to be one of absolute confidence and awe.  In it rests the raw essence of the class  before it happens. It is the potential, the execution and ultimate meaning behind the ride.  To achieve something great as a teacher or in any endeavor  one must access this place and rest in it even if only for a moment.  Here, where everything stands still, exists the confidence to move forward with an inner resilience that is absolutely unchecked by the fear of failure.  Regardless of what is to be, here is the place to touch and move from.

To access this sanctuary one needs to quiet the mind. Meditation, movement, focused breathing, thinking of one you love, a ritual of life, whatever, these all provide a means to touch the pre-ride stillness.

You know what that is.  Ultimately, you have to find your way into the stillness.  Every person has a different way to go there.  Explore and find it then bring out the extraordinary in whatever you are going to do.

Most of all...

Enjoy the Ride